The Best Activewear for Pregnancy and Postpartum

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All mothers will tell you that maternity leggings are some of the most comfortable “pants” you can wear during pregnancy. As the sports bras started to squeeze my ribcage and the leggings stopped covering my new outie (a belly button that sticks out like a knot) I knew I’d have to start investing in maternity activewear. Our body will change with pregnancy, but how much is different for everyone. Here are the best maternity activewear options that I sweat, biked, walked, yoga’d, & lifted in during my pregnancy. 

Alo for early prenatal

The trendy worker-outer will already have this brand. I almost exclusively wore the high waist biker shorts during my first and second trimester as it was summer, I could continue to wear size S on bottoms, and the elastic didn’t hug too tight. I am not sure if the waist will still fit postpartum, but the shorts don’t seem out of shape. 

House of Gravity earth-loving mama

When I finally chose to buy I considered what kind of world I wanted to pass on to the next generation. House of Gravity is entirely sustainable (both for maternity and beyond), super soft, breathable, with gorgeous vivid colorways. I love the scarf set to use as a wrap and breastfeeding cape. I am wearing S on bottoms and M on top in the picture above.

Beyond soft athleisure 

Less athletic, but undeniably comfortable Beyond Yoga maternity line has a more subtle, natural feel, and look. One of the only brands with comfortable jogger pants I love that the waistband is designed to be able to fold down for a bump reveal option.

Reebok for the super active   

With a little bit of shine in the elastic, the Reebok biker short is what I switched to when my belly button started to show. I was delighted to find that my size for maternity is still S because it meant that the brand knows how to design a pregnant silhouette. Our body shape changes, but it doesn’t mean we need to go up as size.

Koral looks lustrous & high glam 

I wore this on the Tonal shoot for prenatal yoga! Koral’s maternity leggings’ lustrous shine looked super stylish for the bump and made me feel like a star. I wore S leggings for the shoot mixed with an M-size bra on top.

You are beautiful

Our bodies can be in so much discomfort that having something that fits comfortably can be the most encouraging support. I find that regular exercise helps me to keep up with the rapid changes during pregnancy. To keep honing in on my body’s abilities helps me focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t. Sometimes it’s just being able to breathe while going up a flight of stairs or take my prenatal vitamins without feeling nauseous. Keep moving and glowing beautiful mama, you are doing great! 





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