Review: The Best 5 Yoga Mats

liv lo pregnancy yoga mat recommendations

Whether to layer or practice on we should invest in our own mat for our workouts. Options to rent highly worn mats or to downward dog on smelly in-studio mats will readily push anyone to invest quickly in a good yoga mat that will keep our knees comfortable and grip secured. With most of us starting an at-home routine as well, here are my favorite picks for yoga mats to practice anytime, anywhere. 

Liforme for the eco-warrior

My go-to yoga mat for everything. The lines on the yoga mat help with postural alignment and make a pretty pattern overall. Typically mats are made from PVC which are toxic to the environment, so Liforme has revolutionized their mats by making them from 2 layers, sustainable rubber beneath, and the layer on top is made of sustainable polyurethane. With their mats durable, sustainable, and beautiful, Liforme is my top recommended yoga mat for everything. 

Alo for the trendy yogini 

One of the most popular brands in the US for their luxe, comfortable, and stylish yoga wear, Alo’s warrior mats are often toted by the most trendy yogis amongst us. With cute colors, various thicknesses, lengths, and patterns to choose from Alo’s warrior mats come in second place for the most beloved mats on the market today. 

Manduka for a long time practioner

The heavy-duty mats that you will often practice on in the classroom. Manduka’s pro mat in 6mm is one of the thickest, yet heavier options, that will support lifelong practice and beyond (remember PVC does not breakdown and is toxic for the environment). With a variety of thicknesses to choose from in both sustainable, studio, and travel options Manduka is the best choice for the yogi who wants a bespoke mat to suit their taste. 

Yoga Pads for a precise pose 

Liforme mini-mats can be used either layered on top of another mat or used on their own as a portable support for your head, hands, elbows, and knees. A handy addition to any seasoned yogi who can use a little mat for mediation or use it as an eco-friendly travel mat. 

Yoga Towels to cover any mat 

Pretty grippy towels are often brought into the hot yoga room to soak up the extra sweat and to provide more grip. These lightweight towels are super thin and offer a layer between the yogi and the mat who may not want to touch a rented practice mat. Yoga Movement and Manduka both offer beautiful versions that will perk up your practice and offer a variety of colorful patterns without having to purchase a new mat altogether.  


Whatever you do, please do not buy a cheap yoga mat that is meant to be used once and thrown away. Single-use yoga mats are commonly given as door gifts in events, sold for a price that costs the environment, and hazardous to our health. The last thing we want to do when working up a sweat and opening our pores is to come in contact with toxic chemicals that do us and the world harm. Choose wisely, have a beautiful practice, and enjoy your mat!


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