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FitSphere started as Liv’s trademark workout of HIIT and yoga, with 4lbs weighted balls (Sphere) as an option for muscle building for an all-encompassing workout. Her signature movements like bicep curls in a lunge or burpees in a Vinyasa flow add that fitness component to a typical yoga practice. A combination that anyone can pick up and quickly learn the fundamentals of exercise within multiple disciplines. Since relocating Liv's workouts to live on NEOU app she has renovated the website to become a blog. Get to know Liv, what she loves, and how she prioritizes her wellness as a new Mom.

Since November 2020, 51 episodes from 5 of Liv’s personally produced FitSphere programs are exclusively available on NEOU. Pregnancy yoga and prenatal strength training for all trimesters are exclusively available on Tonal, with 20 of Liv’s free workout videos on Youtube.

A lot of fitness regimens will advertise “weight loss” as a hook for customers. The truth is moving the body and breathing will increase blood flow to the entire body to work up a sweat, strengthen the muscles, release endorphins so we are feeling good which in turn has an impact on our weight. Unfortunately, we cannot spot reduce meaning we cannot build a butt without building thighs nor can we lose fat in one area without losing fat all around. The body will change and function more optimally overall from exercise.

The Spheres are no longer being created or sold at this time. Please go ahead and substitute the workouts with light dumbbells, non-glass water bottles, cans, or strap weights.

HIIT stands for high, intensity, interval, and training: HIIT. It is excellent for burning fat because we bring our heart rate up to a plateau and then we rest in intervals. Meaning that our heart rate spikes not only getting our energy-burning quickly and at a high capacity, but also to increase strength, speed, and power to build muscle mass.

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. It is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

Some of us struggle with endurance so this technique is a cross-training method to bring about the benefits of mind, breath and alignment in yoga to body.

A good yoga class will help to develop balance, flexibility, and teaches proper alignment. Weights develop stability on the joints and improve bone density with strong lean muscle.

You absolutely can; however, as every woman’s pregnancy and childbirth journey is unique it would be best to ask your doctor what is safe at all stages of pregnancy. A doctor would usually say to give 3 months of rest after giving birth, but do not hesitate to discuss your exercise plan with your doctor and learn what exercises are safe to heal the body postpartum.

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