My Story

I used to dislike working out because exercise felt like something people preach to lose weight, to be good for you with little association to what “I” means to me as an individual. For the longest time, I thought “working out” was going to the gym. I secretly hated the repetition and monotony of working out counting down the seconds when I could leave. I found it mindless and redundant because the mind was not connected to the body.

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Little By Little

I didn’t know how or why, but yoga made me feel differently. It made me work on those very things I was trying to avoid: My true feelings; what I like and dislike. I started small, first dedicating hours, days, and then years to practice; connecting to those feelings without a promise of results or change. Finding it was a full-contact sport, a trial-and-error process.

A New Way Of Life

I no longer made excuses to quit because I knew what I felt to be true. I felt inspired and my body felt great. The action came from me and I didn’t need anyone else’s reason but my own to keep at it, my action ignited a passion. Passion pulled me along to practice yoga for 15 years, take 3 teacher trainings, teach 6 classes weekly in the studio for 2 years, present workshops, boot camps, make YouTube fitness videos, and produce FitSphere.

The True Liv

I have always loved sports. As a young girl I played basketball, badminton, got lost hiking and swam everyday. I never thought of it as exercise and looked forward to getting outside spending time with friends. Through fitness I experienced the brain changing effects of exercise and forged a meaningful connection to my body. I still love to do these plus jog, cycle, and yoga with additional coffee and a good meal after.

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