Staying Healthy on the Go

Traveling is ubiquitous nowadays. We travel for work, holiday, for friends, weddings, anniversaries, or simply just to get away for some respite. Traveling at this expense is to personal health and loss of regimen. If you have ever traveled and gotten sick after you’ll know what I mean. Crossing over timezones drastically impacts our bio-rhythm resulting in jet-lag and lowered immunity which can be a catalyst for all sorts of health problems. The solution for me is to take my fitness routine with me. Here’s how I stay fit no matter where I am.

Work-life cohesion

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to eat. Maybe you are like me too. I love to try all the local dishes and new flavors even if I am not hungry. I look at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity and I live it up to the max. The crazy thing is I don’t feel guilty when I eat, and I don’t gain an inch. How I do this is simply: to perpetually live in work-life cohesion. Read about my diet philosophy to know more.

What is balance

I don’t stop and go, nor do I look for a balance. Balance means that I would need to strive for one thing or the other, so I look at my wellness as a whole, as a sphere that keeps feeding back into each other. What feeds my mind, feeds my body, my lifestyle, and so on. It’s an incredible way to look at life! 

One day thin, next day fat

Sometimes I’ll fall out of rhythm with my meditation practice and I’ll start to feel like I need to check in with myself, other times I’ll need to get back on track with healthy eating or pick up more cardio. Slowing down or not doing one of these on a single day does not mean that I have gotten off track. One day I am fat because I didn’t work out and ate carbs, the next day I am thin because I exercised and ate better. Health is not one day on, one day off. Health is your life as a whole, so go easy on yourself.

Workout anywhere

One of the best ways to keep things flowing is to simply bring my workouts with me! I created FitSphere because of my lifestyle, to solve the real difficulties I find living a life on the road, in flux, and to motivate myself for the reasons I know in my heart to be true. I carry my weights, my shoes, and workout clothes with me so I have no excuse not to be active. If I don’t I will start to stress and my mind and body will spiral into a dark space. I know this from my own experiences with dieting and have armed myself with knowledge about weight gain and how it affects your mind and body.

Brain changing effects 

The fact is that all our thoughts, desires, and actions are controlled by hormones and neural circuits. The body is an organic whole and has many reactions to changes in calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, metabolism, exercise, and hormones. When on holiday, even if we would consume more calories, our body will not metabolically adapt to suddenly become obese. Even if a pound or two is gained it would readjust to our natural resting weight if we get back to our usual healthy routine.

Being consistent

So, if you don’t want to be constantly chasing the ups and downs, don’t lose your routine, to begin with! The accumulation over time, even if it’s just a few minutes, will add vitality back into your life. Take away those moments sick in bed, those moments worrying about getting fat, and replace them with positive actions. Being consistent with my workouts has helped me to be comfortable in my body, allowed me to conquer the big challenges, and enjoy the smaller rewards. I created a workout program for the road, all my favorite quick exercises in FitSphere To Go to help you too to live in work-life cohesion. I hope you love it!


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