FitSphere is a Workout on Leading Fitness App, NEOU!

We have all had our unique challenges, but ultimately innovation and change are a good thing – something FitSphere has seen in 2020. Since the pandemic, I have moved to the US to support my husband’s career. To support my transition I grew FitSphere to be a US company with a team in LA and in Singapore. Having an online fitness portal and products set up proved to be key in 2020 and I am truly thankful for the hard work prior. Not only were we able to supply the weighted balls worldwide DTC during a pandemic, but we saw a 40% increase in users. This led me to reflect on my own goals that I had been manifesting – to innovate to become an app. 

Strength to strength 

App development is the natural step forward in tech innovation for any successful fitness portal, but while looking into viable options for us it dawned on me what a huge undertaking and resources I would need to run multiple platforms, so instead of approaching it from my usual do-it-all attitude, I decided to license FitSphere to a leading fitness app, NEOU. Through this partnership, members enjoy unlimited access to thousands of live and on-demand fitness classes while satisfying growth for the brand meanwhile opening me up to more opportunities in wellness entrepreneurship and other efforts like supporting the environment and continued dedication to family. 

FitSphere memberships

Current members on FitSphere will be happy to know that they are migrating with us! I will be sending personal emails to your registered email address to let you know how to access your new profile with step by step instructions on how to download NEOU. All of FitSphere’s 5 programs and 51 episodes will be available for you to stream to your TV from your mobile or tablet anytime, anywhere you have a connection. Once signed in, NEOU will work just like our FitSphere website, so you don’t need to stress about accessing your membership.

The Spheres

With this pivot, I am back to creating! The Spheres, our weighted balls, will no longer be sold to make way for this transition. Our 2lbs Spheres sold out multiple times and I was ready to create a 3lbs pair, but the weight (6lbs shipped worldwide) proved to be difficult during a global pandemic. I still have hopes to be able to provide them for you again one day – in stores will be better. The feedback I got from nurses, members with arthritis, and parents who said their kids were the first to use them have proven that they are indeed a valuable product with an intelligent, satisfactory, eco-friendly design. I couldn’t be more happy and grateful for this feedback and The Spheres success. Here is the story of how I reinvented the dumbbell by making a one-of-a-kind sustainable workout product. 


During the pandemic, I created 6 Livestream yoga, dance workout, and mediation episodes and donated 10% of the proceeds to purchase PPE for frontline workers. Meeting you LIVE every week motivated me to keep fit from home as we looked forward to moving, sweating, and laughing together. While the Livestream recordings are no longer be available, there are FREE workout videos available on FitSphere’s Youtube channel

Future of FitSphere

The new layout of FitSphere is a content-forward website with more healthy articles on beauty, healing, family, the environment, and of course fitness. I’ll be updating you on all the wonderful and amazing things happening in the wellness landscape from here in LA, so you can look forward to continuing growing with me and staying well mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I will also be filming more programs for NEOU! The pandemic has some production challenges, but the NEOU team is set up for this. I will support our members with new workout videos in the near future and continue to meet you on the app for our daily workouts. Any questions please don’t hesitate to connect with me on our contact page.  


If you are reading this I want to personally THANK YOU for all your support! To be able to connect with so many of you in class, in person, and online over the last 3 years has been tremendous. Looking back on the difficulties, the web outages, and the delayed shipments – these unique challenges proved to be the best time of my life, with the most growth, and learning. Being here today proves that you can manifest your dreams and do what you put your heart and mind to. I am looking forward to more happy moments sweating and smiling with you.


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