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If you wonder “How do I stay motivated?” it means that you have motivation already and are actively pursuing your goals and dreams. Just because you are staying indoors more does not mean those dreams stop, nor do you. In 2020 the whole world had to suddenly work from home. I understand a sudden change like this would be initially a shock to the system, but this, just like anything, can be turned into a positive situation. The one constant about change is that change is always changing, so it’s important to keep working at all the areas of your life necessary to be happy.

Remember: we are all going through this together. Staying motivated doesn’t mean you have to be motivated all the time. It means that even on hard days you know that there are better ones coming. I hope these ideas can inspire you to invest in yourself, reset, and rebalance. 

Wear outdoor clothes indoors

Some days are harder than others, but that’s just the ebb and flow of life. Plan for your day by dressing up, making up, and styling your hair like you normally would. You never know, you may want to take a cute selfie or live chat today. 

Make an indoor schedule

Let’s discuss a good routine vs a bad routine. It’s so easy to fall into an unhealthy uninspired rhythm at home, so I find it’s helpful to treat my schedule like any regular day. Wake up with an alarm, get myself ready for work, cook, schedule coffee meet-ups online, workout, do the work I need to in a dedicated workspace (not in front of the TV or in bed), take meetings online, calls, even dinner dates with friends! Just like we need a schedule to go out, we need a schedule to stay in or we’ll slip into a rut and find ourselves in a lonely separation. 

Work from Home

Set up an office space in the house where you have access to the essentials you will need like a phone, laptop, chargers, pens, notebooks, and printer. I tried working from the bed, couch, dining table, you name it and it’s completely counterproductive for me to be able to get things done. I have now set up my desk facing a window, so I can get some natural light and focus my eyes on the distance for a break from time to time. I use a laptop stand so it is eye-level and I don’t have to slouch for hours. A better work posture will help keep you alert and avoid lower back pain. Otherwise, whatever area you can allocate at home is good including a standing station if you have a bar area. 

Study online

In March 2020 during Covid-19 lockdown, I took a breathwork course online. Not only did I find that breathwork strengthened my lungs, but I was also able to maintain my emotional well-being during an especially difficult time of the pandemic.  

If interested, there are many online courses to take that could help you fill in any gaps in your expertise or knowledge. In fact, most schools have had to quickly adapt to offer courses online from yoga teacher training to full school curriculums which we can all benefit from. Have a think and actively search online, ask friends for references, and research on schools for something that clicks. Some ideas would be to take a Master Class, study a foreign language, photography, cooking, painting, or DIY. This process does take some time, so if you haven’t taken the time to get to know yourself better and discover what you really like to develop as a hobby then do! You never know, this hobby could become your passion and your choice of work in the future.  

Drink less to no caffeine, alcohol & sugar

Alcohol is a depressant and contains a lot of sugar in mixers & wine. This portion falls into a bad unhealthy routine when you find yourself in the cupboard or fridge reaching for dessert all day and having hangovers at home. Limit your intake to 1 glass or drink and 1 dessert a day if you must and cook proper meals for yourself with healthy fats and carbs that keep you full longer, so you are not hanging around the kitchen when peckish. I shared some healthy FitSphere recipes that are easy to make with whatever you have in your cupboard. 

Caffeine is a big one for me. I love the ritual and perks from my morning latte, but I have found that having the kitchen nearby and plenty of apps on hand will tempt me to fill up my cup multiple times a day. Coffee is perfectly healthy in moderation, but if you are having over 2 cups or more than 2 shots of espresso a day it’s too much. Try switching it up with matcha, black, or green tea to give you an antioxidant boost instead. Try drinking more water, taking a nap (because you can at home), and taking breath or stretch breaks to enliven the system. 

Breakaway rituals

Cultivating time for yourself indoors can include everyday things such as a bath, cooking, skincare, body care, or tea time. Adding mindfulness to these routines, taking pleasure in listening to music as you dance around the house, get inspired from a podcast, reading up, and trying new recipes become your breakaway moments from the mundane routines to become your ritual. A time to nourish and refill your cup to release those happy brain chemicals.

Breath break

Taking a conscious breath a day has been key to grounding me at home. Taking a diaphragmatic inhale through the nose will automatically calm the nervous system and help to clear the mind. If you can, take up to 20 continuous breaths in stillness. That will be an easy way to calm the monkey mind. Sitting for 20 breaths counts as a meditation and an excellent routine to keep you grounded any time, anywhere. 

Staying connected

Uncomfortability is normal as we learn from spending more time with yours truly. It’s a great time to reach out to your circle of friends and family for nurture, mutual love, and support. Schedule a catch-up chat with them every day and you may find that you can be there for each other even from afar. 

Limit social media

The most transformative action that I have taken is to delete all the social media apps that have been taking up my idle time. I have completely deleted Facebook accounts and pages while turning off all email, messaging, and social notifications. I have noticed that when I am constantly alerted it keeps me engaged and attached to my phone. I usually get my daily news from Twitter, but as I have also noticed the news triggering my emotions I have been staying away from the media and only signing in 1 time per week to catch up on headlines. I understand that this can seem drastic to many, but I cannot express how much lighter I feel and how much more time in the day has suddenly come around. My screen time is down to 2 hours a day from 5.5 as I donate those extra hours to our Mother Earth and environmental efforts.

Sleep without your phone

I have been practicing digital distancing when I sleep (all devices at least 6 ft away) and turning my phone to airplane mode or completely turning off my laptop, iPad, and watch off. This is to avoid EMF or low-level radiation when I am sleeping. I have been doing this for the last 3 weeks and have been feeling more restful (I don’t use my phone in bed), less anxious (I switch off completely before sleeping), and waking up easier (I have to get out of bed to turn off my alarm) as a result. 


Wow, the days seem to fly by when they are quite similar, so I take stock every Friday for accountability and write out what my schedule is for the next week. I consciously go through each day and think of what I personally felt I accomplished each day. Unrelated to working from home, I give myself credit for self-fulfilling tasks like finishing a book, learning to make a new dish, doing a LIVE workout, or practicing playing an instrument. This may seem small, but every action counts, so keep setting your personal goals and accomplishing those things that inspire you.

Keep shining, stay positive, and keep celebrating life even when there are downs.  Be there for yourself and each other and keep leaning into the challenges that present themselves self and don’t shy away from growth. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you in future lessons, on social media, or over a cup of coffee in the near future.

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