20 min Fit HIIT Workout

This workout was filmed when I turned 30 and I was really getting into HIIT and teaching boot camps. I have been practicing yoga since 18 years of age and, as it was no longer posing a challenge to me, I needed to move beyond that plateau and reinvigorate my fitness. I fell in love with HIIT because it never fails to kick my butt. I have done this workout video many times while on the road and the sweat is still as real as the day I filmed it. The hardest part is the warm-up. Let’s go!

4 min warm-up

-60 high knees

-10 alternate long lunge twist

-10 plank knee to elbow

-10 upper body rotation

Repeat until the timer beeps. Warm-ups should get your heart rate up and body warm with a light sweat going. Don’t back down!

1 min rest

Breathe, drink water, and prepare for the full workout. Be sure not to take more time and cool down too much. 

10 min HIIT

-6 burpees

-10 squat kickbacks

-20 mountain climbers

-10 side plank lift & lower each side

Repeat until the time is up! The point of high-intensity training is to kick up the intensity of your cardio. In order to qualify as true HIIT, you’ll need to push yourself to the max during every set. 

1 min rest

Breathe, drink water, and prepare for the core focus portion. The second video link for the final core portion is here: 

4 min core

-10 straight leg lifts

-10 crunches 

-10 lying side plank lifts each side

Try to finish as many rounds as you can, don’t give up, and don’t slow down! This is where the goldmine is, deep in our core strength is where you’ll get stronger.

Cooldown stretch



I view my practice as a chance to teach and to learn, so I’ll often prep the routine 2 weeks ahead of time and practice the movements in order to be able to present and not lose my breath. It’s a real labor of love that I hope you’ll enjoy. 


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