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The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system of medicine is at least 3,000 years old and aims to prevent or heal disease by maintaining or restoring yin-yang balance. China has one of the world’s oldest medical systems and TCM is a part of everyday life in Asia. Meanwhile, it is growing with the ever-increasing wellness industry in the US with acupuncture and cupping (a part of TCM) widely received in the West. NOOCI is a brand that encapsulates ancient TCM ingredients and brings them up to date by making them accessible, tasty, and available in our homes without a traditional prescription.

Plant medicine

I believe herbs are great for the body and have seen a boost in my energetic body from taking a supplement like ReNoo. Key ingredients such as soybean, coix, and brown rice seeds are fermented to improve digestion by degrading nutrients into digestible forms. For example, soybean is rich in protein that can’t be digested without fermentation. Natto (fermented soybean) is commonly eaten for breakfast in Japan and is known to help prevent post-menopausal bone loss in women as it contains various important nutrients but most famously vitamin K2 (I send this to my Mom:). If I forget to take it in the morning, sipping ReNoo at night is equally as good.


I have found ReNoo to be my favorite product for overall well-being. It comes in a sachet so it’s super convenient to take with me on the go and have in my meal or water. So how does it taste? To me, ReNoo tastes like barley and/or green tea. I sip it as a warm drink, pour it on my yogurt, or mix it in my soup or smoothie. Living in LA, it hasn’t been easy to find good TCM ingredients, sources, and doctors so I have been looking to NOOCI for natural herbal supplementation. NOOCI, meaning 女, for women, and 氣 for energy flow, also products NooMoon and NooAir both of which I have also tried and worked for me.


Every 25 days I start to get sluggish with a little cramp in my belly. I start to crave junk and get bloated and uncomfortable just before my menstrual cycle begins. This is why NooMoon is my second favorite product after ReNoo for how it’s relieved me of my monthly discomfort. The ingredient’s high potency means it’s best to take NooMoon in all stages of your cycle so the accumulative herbal benefits can really work. The recommended amount is for 2 but if I have any persistent discomfort during my cycle I’ll take 2 more and it will go away. As a Mom who is also cautious about the products that go into my body, I am so happy to have a natural remedy to ease bloating, lift my mood, and give me the energy to go on with my day even on my heaviest menstrual days.


I used to be the person who never got allergies, but suddenly this year I had a runny nose and watery eyes for weeks that didn’t go away. When my nose started to peel, but my girl and husband both were not sick, I knew something was off. I took NooAir for the first time and those symptoms of allergies went away. Usually, we would go to the pharmacy and get antihistamines to clear things up, but I also don’t want to take drugs if I don’t have to. Living here in the West I believe and trust in my upbringing, tradition, recipes, roots, and plant medicine.

What is NOOCI?

I have personally met NOOCI Founder/CEO Stephanie who, like me, grew up heavily influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures, and I love that she is on a path to demystify TCM by bringing it to a new audience who can benefit from its wisdom. If you are a complete newbie to TCM and want to know about your TCM body constitution you can take this quiz and get tips on how to restore your vitality naturally. Maybe it’s the ritual cup of tea or the flavor, but I have really enjoyed getting into the routine of sipping RENOO daily and taking NOOMOON herbs to balance my hormones.


NOOCI products are easy and safe to incorporate into your daily life; the ingredients and processes are tested repeatedly throughout the whole supply chain flow to ensure quality, safety, and efficacy. NOOCI works in partnership with the world’s leading TCM R&D laboratory and manufacturer to bring age-old wisdom to life using scientific methods and cutting-edge technology. I believe NOOCI will become the ultimate destination for all things TCM and I’m looking forward to trying more products from them!




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