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Yoga fitness enthusiast or a beginner?
Discover FitSphere for a selection of yoga workouts and inspiring lifestyle articles.

Fitsphere Workout

Liv’s trademark workout combining HIIT and yoga, with 4lbs weighted balls (Spheres) as an option for muscle building for an all-encompassing workout. 

  • 2000 + classes
  • Liv’s workouts on an app
  • Yoga with HIIT or weights
  • Classes are multi-level and safe for everyone

Articles and Videos from Liv

Liv Lo Golding: Journey to Pregnancy

a story of miscarriage, meditation, and divine timing

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How to Brave Change

to find what is most important in our lives

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Yoga for Maternal Bodily Awareness

to energize, balance, zen and invigorate

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Review: The Best 5 Yoga Mats

for home, studio, and to save the environment

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