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I am 8 months postpartum with glowing radiant skin. I do not wear makeup daily because I have never felt so confident about my skin health as I am now at 36. Truly our skin changes, not just with the seasons, but with all changes in our lifestyle, career, travel, and for us women, with our hormones during pregnancy & postpartum, so I am reviewing my all-time favorite skincare brand Allies of Skin with my exact postpartum evening skincare routine down below. 


I discovered Allies of Skin through my good friend Shadai Mcsween, Head Buyer Skincare Category, APAC at Sephora SEA. She was interviewing the founder and creator Nicolas Travis at a Soho House event in Singapore when he said one thing in particular that shattered my world. He said, “only 10 percent of people genuinely have sensitive skin” and what they mean when most people describe themselves as having “sensitive skin” is that their skin is easily irritated and reacts to things such as fragrances or dyes in their cosmetics and skincare. I wanted to raise my hand to interrupt him because I had been buying products for sensitive skin but my face still had red & rash-like symptoms. Was I part of the 90%?


I started with just a sample of their first-star product – the Allies of Skin 1A Retinal Peptides Overnight Mask. I fully expected red skin the next day because the sample contains retinal, but I was shocked to find my skin glowy and dewy in just one use. This product is famously what Nicolas launched. Yes, he impressively entered the skincare industry with just one product to a full skincare line and his sister line PSA skin. By the time I was finished with the sample I was a convert.

Hype words

Have you ever bought a skincare product, probably off an ad that promised the results that you wanted, and were so disappointed that you resorted to using it for your body? Hype words targeted for market consumption include anti-aging, rejuvenating, and the one that got me “sensitive skin”. The biggest problem for me was paying for something that ultimately disempowered me. Sure, product results are not promised, but its incompatibility did not educate me on the actual reasons why. If you are scientifically inclined or simply want to be thorough, you could look up each ingredient and learn its purpose and caveats; however, I am not a Biochemical Scientist like Nicolas.


A big reason why I believe in Nicolas’s mission is because of the transparency in his formulations. I have never seen a product so clearly label the potency of the actives in its ingredients on the front packaging without wishy-washy descriptions. This piqued my curiosity to learn more about what ingredients do and why. Why do acids in a nighttime regimen give a brighter more even complexion? What is a clean formulation and what do fillers in products do to my skin? Allies of Skin ethos is clear and Nicolas regularly shares on Instagram the intricacies of running two globally successful skincare labels – deep-diving into the efficacy of the products to reveal any mystery behind why their products work. Essentially, the more you know the better!


I believe that beauty comes from within; however, what about the days when you don’t drink 8 cups of water, exercise, eat clean, and get 8 hours of sleep? What about protection against UVA/UVB, pollution, blue light, and irritants? We all have busy lives and are certainly imperfect. I find that as a mom now I have less time to do make-up, but I always make time for skincare. I keep an extra set by the door and in the car to refresh throughout the day. I wasn’t always this way, but the more I use AOS the better my skin gets – almost as if I was my own ally. Giving birth to my first baby girl depleted me. My skin became really lifeless, dull with heightened melasma in the immediate months postpartum. As I started to rebuild and heal I committed to a full AOS routine. In just one month my skin bounced back to good health and started reflecting light once more. The coveted glass skin effect by AOS had returned.

Being an ally

If you are inclined to try Allies of Skin from reading this entry I want to be an ally to you and give you an offer code for 20% off any purchase with code ‘LIV20’. This code can be used on multiple occasions within your created account on their website. My postpartum evening skincare routine is:


1 . Double cleanse with Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser

2. Spritz Molecular Saviour Probiotics Treatment Mist

3. Combine a pump of 20% Vit C Brighten + Firm Serum with Prebiotics & Niacimide Pore Refining Booster

4. Peptides & Omega Firming Eye Cream

5. Combine a pump of Peptides & Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment and CE15 Bakuchiol Firming Oil


I hope you love being an ally as much as I do! I wish you a full life with beautiful, radiant, healthy, glowy skin




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