Liv’s first online program that sets the foundation of HIIT Yoga. Become familiar with yoga, your breath, and the right alignment before breaking into a sweat with heart pumping movements to burn fat even after class. Seasoned, practically new, or coming back to fitness - join the thousands of others who are on this program.

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FitSphere First - Video Overview

New Beginnings
Intensity 2 40 mins
Take Out The Intensity
Intensity 3 35 mins
Core Control
Intensity 4 40 mins
7 min HIIT
Intensity 4 7 mins
Ladder Flows
Intensity 3 40 mins
Zen Out
Intensity 0 40 mins
Intensity 4 20 mins
Running Routine
Intensity 5 20 mins
Intensity 0 12 mins
Liv Lo Yoga
Intensity 5 75 mins
Upper Body Strength
Intensity 4 35 mins
Circuit Trainning
Intensity 5 60 mins

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