Common Questions

FitSphere is Liv’s trademark workout of HIIT and yoga, with 4lbs weighted balls (Sphere) as an option for muscle building for an all encompassing workout. Her signature movements like bicep curls in a lunge or burpees in a Vinyasa flow add that fitness component to a typical yoga practice. A combination that anyone can pick up and quickly learn the fundamentals of exercise within multiple disciplines.

Since November 2020, 51 episodes from 5 of Liv’s personally produced FitSphere programs are exclusively available on NEOU. Pregnancy yoga and prenatal strength training for all trimesters is exclusively available on Tonal, with 20 of Liv’s free workout videos on Youtube.

A lot of fitness regimens will advertise “weight loss” as a hook for customers. The truth is moving the body and breathing will increase blood flow to the entire body to work up a sweat, strengthen the muscles, release endorphins so we are feeling good which in turn has an impact on our weight. Unfortunately we cannot spot reduce meaning we cannot build a butt without building thighs nor can we lose fat in one area without losing fat all around. The body will change and function more optimally overall from exercise.

The Spheres are no longer being created or sold at this time. Please go ahead and substitute the workouts with light dumbbells, non-glass water bottles, cans, or strap weights.

HIIT stands for high, intensity, interval, and training: HIIT. It is excellent for burning fat because we bring our heart rate up to plateau and then we rest in intervals. Meaning that our heart rate spikes not only getting our energy-burning quickly and at a high capacity, but also to increase strength, speed and power to build muscle mass.

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. It is widely practised for health and relaxation.

Some of us struggle with endurance so this technique is a cross-training method to bring about the benefits of mind, breath and alignment in yoga to body.

Class / Event Booking Policy

FitSphere accepts credit card via Stripe. All prices are in USD.

You will receive a confirmation email instantly after booking. In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email.

We require each student to have a personal invitation, so multiple bookings are not allowed. Please make sure the email address is correct when submitting.

Spaces fill up quickly, but people do sometimes cancel. Please check back at our website or Instagram in case slots open up.

Cancelation Policy

  • If you cancel at least 48 hrs before the class / event, FitSphere will provide a full refund (minus transaction fee of 10%) of the price paid at booking. As Stripe takes a processing fee, the full amount will be returned minus the transaction fees.
  • If you cancel less than 48 hrs before the class / event, or if you cannot show up on the date, no refund.

Submit your cancelation with the same email used to register for class via our contact form

Tickets are strictly non transferable - meaning they cannot be swapped for other classes, programs, or products. If you can't make it personally and would like to let a friend come instead that's ok. Email us with their first name, last name, and email for registration.

You can expect to see the refund reflect on bank statement in approximately 10 business days. For some banks, this process may take up to 30 days. Should you still not have received your refund in your account within these timeframes, please contact our support team directly.

All FitSphere classes / events have a lot of preparations. After 48 hours your space is firmly reserved and prepared for you. We are unable to process a refund after 48 hours due to this set up and preparation. Whether you use your space or not it is still reserved for you and everything is prepared just as if you were there. Thank you for your kind understanding and we hope you take care of your health leading up to class to avoid cancelation.

Return Policy

The Spheres are not eligible for return or exchange. The sale for the spheres are final, unless they are faulty. Details of shipping are listed in the shipping policy. Returns are not allowed on any outside pop-up shop, event, or class purchase.

In the case that the Spheres are faulty, customers must send pictures and alert us via our contact form within one week of acceptance. The return of the eligible Sphere(s) in new and unworn condition in the original packaging in accordance with our return policy. We do not refund the original shipping fees, however shipping costs will vary depending on location and shipping method.

The Programs on FitSphere are not eligible for return, exchange, cancelation or refund. FitSphere requires all users to read and accept the Terms of Service of using the platform. The sale of programs are final and up to the user to have WiFi access for streaming, able body, and willingness to make use of their purchase.

Shipping Policy

Shipping prices have been changing every week due to the unforeseen circumstances of Covid-19. Courier services has suspended most shipments, so we can only use the available couriers which unfortunately cost more at times. We understand it is important and we are honoured to be able to continue to servicing your needs during this health crisis, so our team will get in touch with you personally if your country falls into the region that we cannot fulfil due to fluctuating prices.

Depending on your location we use standard post or courier and can expect your Spheres to arrive between 3-10 business days. It is the buyers responsibility to be available to receive their order at the address given. If you miss your attempts to receive your Spheres and are sent back we do not refund or exchange the price of Spheres.

Covid 19 update: Hong Kong is going through a third wave of new infected cases with Coronavirus, so Hong Kong government has announced an emergency working arrangement for all public services. Post office & courier operations will be closed, so our DHL service will be on the only service available in Asia which understandably costs more, but they have their own planes and are prompt with delivery.

Thank you for your kind understanding, patience, and support. We are all doing our best to make things work during this unique time. Your order is important to us and we are honoured to be able to continue to servicing your needs during this health crisis. 

Technical Support

You can begin whenever you like. And once you’ve completed the class, it remains yours to keep using wherever you want. You will have 1 year access anytime & anywhere you have an internet connection. Just use your computer, phone or device like an iPad to log in, get connected, practice with the videos and feel great.

The videos automatically play with 480 px and we have the option for users to switch to HD 1080 px if you are streaming to a TV screen for example.

Add us to your home screen because the average screen time is now over 5 hours per day, bookmarking or adding FitSphere to your home screen will cut down surf time. Here is How to Add Websites to the Home Screen on Any Smartphone or Tablet.

Clear cache memory once a month. This is a good practice for all devices to keep your history light and helps us to provide you with the clearest version of FitSphere possible. If you are using Safari here's a quick guide on How to clear your cache in Safari.

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