Liv's newly designed weighted balls increase the intensity of any workout. Even as a pair, they fit into your hand with a textured surface to prevent slickness from sweat. Made from natural rubber, sand, and iron, they are eco-friendly and do not come with plastic wrapping to minimise toxicity, allergens, and harm to our natural environment.

Blue: 2lb / pc

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Spheres - Workout with Weights

  • All-round talent

    Made fist size and compact so you can take them with you when you travel, run, walk, hike or just move around your home.

  • Comes as a duo

    Unlike other shops the Spheres come as
    a pair for a balanced practice.

  • High quality and eco-friendly

    Made of natural rubber, sand and iron. Recyclable and easily washable with simple soap.

  • Fast delivery

    Delivered straight to your door. No extra delivery fees are charged for orders $90 and above

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