How are you with non-doing, sitting, patience, inner work? I found myself at this threshold once again. Burnt out for the second time in one year, hitting my lowest of lows manifesting in feverish illness, lack of motivation and lashing out. Previously I had gotten shingles and was forced to take a hiatus from social media and now I am once again reduced to a pile of mush, searching for help and guidance from friends and family to provide solutions to build myself back up again.

I have had an incredible year. I remodeled my business FitSphere twice. Once with new workout programs for a total of 54 episodes and then again with my unique product “The Spheres”. All this while taking 63 planes to visit a different city or 2 every week, shooting magazine covers, hosting major events with up to 300 participants per appearance, and I had spent the most time with my husband in 2019 than any year prior. Milestones were being achieved and yet, the work was so creatively demanding and time consuming that in giving so much to the wellness industry I forgot to give myself the self-care that I needed.

What I have invested

I took a look at my salary and decided to invest 10% to whatever wellness classes, events, products, places I wanted. Making the decision to spend my time and money on the things that will feed back into my well-being has been game-changing! These are the inner and outer workings that I have invested in the last few months

Black Friday Sale

I took advantage and bought two special products for myself. An eco-friendly yoga mat from Liforme and a jade gua-sha tool. As yoga mats are not recyclable it is really important to buy one that is biodegradable. The mat is made of natural rubber and polyurethane that will breakdown within 5 years. I figured it wouldn’t be hygienic to use one longer than that, so I got myself the full-sized one!


Chinese will know what gua-sha is because it’s an ancient Chinese beauty tool that involves scraping a jade or rose quartz angled crystal over the skin to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage. It can be a self-administered at home facial used in combination with your existing skin care. Even just 1-3 minutes a day is said to improve skin elasticity, blood circulation, and energy flow. I am with uplifting!

Outer Self

As I write this I am getting a foot reflexology. I have been trying all kinds of treatments like red light therapy, cupping, acupuncture, onsen, hyperbaric chamber, recovery boots, infrared sauna, infrared yoga, foot reflexology, and yellow laser. Wow! Being someone that experiences burn out, I have been shying away from cardio or high energy workouts and opting for 3 hour hikes (with Spheres in hand is such a great workout! I’ve never held weights for so long, so comfortably), 75-90 min yoga classes, and massages twice a month.


I hate getting dry flaky lips and skin from cold air, travel, or from simply being a bit dehydrated. I have stepped up in taking extra care of my lips and skin by making a natural lip scrub with almond oil, honey and coffee grinds to scrub 1-2 times weekly. I make a bigger batch to use on my body and keep a small amount for my lips. Buffing gives me the smooth texture and hydration that I’ve become obsessed with. Afterwards I slather on a lip mask and natural body oil like pure almond or coconut oil with a drop of essential oil. As a result these natural ingredients and beauty ritual never leaves me dried out. I love that I can make a natural skin care product and know exactly what is going on to my body.

Inner Self

Working on my inner-self shows on my my outer-self. Being super active, do-it-all, positive and high vibe all the time I find that it’s difficult to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time. For this I have been practicing alternate nostril breath every day for 3-5 minutes to balance out my nervous system and the left and right brain hemisphere. After breath work I’ll do some self-reflection journaling, play my sound bowl, and close my eyes to a guided meditation. I lead one of my favourite meditations in FitSphere First episode titled Pause.


I mentioned in my last vlog that I would be taking a mediation course with Dani. Now, after 6 weeks of taking her course I am so happy to have developed my own mediation routine and have been sitting sometimes for up to 2 hours every day! I never thought that would even be possible, but I found I naturally carved out the time by shifting my time from waking up and spending time on my phone and computer right away to taking time to sit and do my rituals and have felt a huge emotional and mental shift. Dani does courses online so if you are interested in what she does than check her out.

Wellness Trends

There are always seemingly new wellness fads popping up every day and there is no way we would ever be able to try them all or have access to them without spending a lot of money. My recommendation is to hone in on what you love. Because once you find that, you will be able to focus on what you enjoy spending your time doing. As you know, I love fitness! No surprise that I find my self-centering activities when I practice FitSphere because when I focus on my physical well-being I can then work deeper from there to the 5 layers of self, or Koshas. I teach more of this special practice in FitSphere Red Carpet. If you want to read more about this as well I share more health tips on what I am doing at every level on my healthy lifestyle page. Stay well my friends!

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