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It felt like a slow squeeze as shops, studios, restaurants, beaches, and trails closed. We all felt it, around the world, maybe for the first time. The clinch to our comings and goings to shelter in place brought up many feelings. For some, dealing with separation, loneliness, buried traumas, violence, debt, and death came knocking bringing fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, and pain. I want to say I am sorry for what you went through and I feel for you. We all have our unique challenges in this life, but not challenges that require us to go through alone. 

I hope by sharing my tips on some of the things that have helped me I am better able to open up to the world again, because who knows, we may be going back into self-isolation again.

1. Time

Being in one place has increased my screen time, but it’s also increased me-time. I have had to be super diligent on scheduling my daily, weekly, work, and personal to-do-list. Prioritizing something for myself every day ensures that I fill my cup up first before giving to others. This has made me a lovelier person to be around and my classes and encounters have been so much more fulfilling and present as a result. 

2. FitSphere 

Bringing you weekly livestream classes has allowed my creativity and connection to flow. My launch and birthday party featured dance routines that were a completely new rhythm for me and I enjoyed sharing fresh concepts and dancing with you. I also was able to donate 200 classes worth $2,000 US from supporting FitSphere members, those who lost their jobs, and Black Lives Matter with mediation, yoga, and dance. 

I also practiced a lot online with my favorite teachers from around the world. Because we all were going through the same thing everyone started offering their classes digitally. I took part in so many virtual conferences, panels, and rituals that I had a packed Zoom schedule at home. 

3. Diet 

My life used to be that I would travel every week, so I would never have a fridge full. Cooking 3 meals a day was great at first, but after the first 2 months of cooking for myself I started to get a bit uninspired. I could tell I wasn’t eating well-balanced meals because I had to start taking a daily vitamin and a probiotic once in a while for my stomach. To inspire myself to eat better I started to mix up my supermarkets each week. Sticking to the same grocery store meant I knew it in and out and I usually wouldn’t be inspired to try new foods. I started mixing up my grocery shopping routine by going to ethnic and farmers markets on top of adding things to my instacart. 

Some of my favorites became Rainbow Acres, Mitsuwa, Nijiya, Pavilions, Sprouts and the Santa Monica farmers market.  

4. Stella 

Many of you know we fostered a beautiful blue nose pit bull named Stella. Our friend Olivia Munn works with a shelter to adopt program with Start Animal Rescue and Shelter Pet Project. We reached out to her to help out and she immediately sent us a picture of Stella. She had been in a border home for 8 months after being rescued from a high kill shelter and urgently needed a home.

We really loved the process of fostering while we worked together to find a permanent home for Stella. Many pit bulls have a reputation of being aggressive, so we shared about Stella’s wonderful loving behaviour as much as we could until a family went through filling out all the forms for her. We absolutely fell in love with Stella and the pit bull breed, so we still keep in touch with her new family where we hear she is getting daily belly rubs and cuddles from her newly adopted family. Many other animals were fostered and adopted during this period of being at home. I know many animal lovers and pets found their perfect match and Henry and I are grateful to have contributed to this in some small way. 

5. Henry 

Partners for life! 2020 has really helped us even more than ever to rely on, learn from each other, and to grow together. Difficult circumstances really made me appreciate not just having a partner, but someone I trust to live with so comfortably. Communicating on how we feel every day, because some days were harder than others, is key. As a result of going through this process together I fell in love with him even deeper and have the greatest respect for his resilience, dedication, and motivation.

6. Breath Break 

Graduating from Sacred Breath Academy became a longer process because of Covid-19. Our original 5 day teacher training became a 3 month process to shift online and reorganize all of our schedules. I still would not have given up or changed a thing as developing a connection to my breath, introducing #breathbreak, growing my resting breath, and learning how to guide others in the process is something that I truly believe will help so many. 

Listen to my interview with founder Kaya Leigh on Instagram.  

7. Parks 

I am an individual that requires fresh air every day. With trails closed Henry & I would often go to the parks to sit, have coffee, get some fresh air, and some vitamin D. Even if it was only for 20 minutes we would still drive the 40 minutes there and back – there was not much else to do. 

Here are the parks we enjoy visiting:  Burton Chace, Pan Pacific, Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, and Clover Park, Tree People

8. Celebrations

We all have had to grow through challenges like these. A support network of friends and family has been vital to staying connected and sane. I probably have spent more hours on the phone with them than I would normally in order to celebrate birthdays (including my own), a baby shower, and baby reveal. Group calls, conferences, and hangouts. You name it. It’s important to keep giving and receiving love by sending cards, gifts, flowers, and champagne.

Keep shining, stay positive, and keep celebrating life even when there are downs.  Be there for yourself and each other and keep leaning in to the challenges that present them self and don’t shy away from growth. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you in future lessons, on social media, or over a cup of coffee in the near future.

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